In Memory

R. L. Creech

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Ron Cothern

R. L. and I did not go to the same elementary school so the first time I met R. L. was when we both went to the Fair with our mothers.  I am guessing we were 7 or 8 years old.  We were in the back seat and one of the mothers said I was actually older, but I found that hard to believe as he was a foot taller!!!!!  I never doubted our mothers were not liars, but I had a hard time comprehending we were born the same year.  I am glad it was dark in the back seat because I was shaking my head sideways, not up and down. 

Then, I met him when we played Little League baseball.  For a guy so big he really had a soft side and when he pitched he would just throw a slow ball.  I think he was afraid he would hurt one of us.  

Then we went to Lakeview and we got to be good friends and even "hung out" after we got out of the Army.  R. L., Jerry Metts and I were party animals and I am glad they did not get me killed.

He had a wonderful mother, father and sister and I wish he was still with us.



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