Hulust (Hue) David Landers

Profile Updated: December 29, 2010
Residing In: Russellville, AL
Spouse/Partner: Barbara
Occupation: Retired/self enployed
Children: William (Billy)
Doreen (Doe(
Hal Wayne
Military Service: U S Navy Ret.
Yes! Attending Reunion

I want to once again say how glad I am that I went to the 45 Reunion. It will be one of the rememerable times of my life. My wife and I have talked about more things that we did and saw that it is hard to think about anyone being able to top it. I really Thank the ones who went out of there way to make it happen.
I want to Thank Hal and his wife for the visit with them and his mother (Mom #2 for me) and the great meal, also for not leaveing me all by my self at the reunion. You guy's have no ides how worried I was about going and noone I new well showing up. Sort of like being the third whell on a date. I could go on about all of the class mates who made the reunion so special to me, but I will only take up your time for one more.
There was a young lady sitting next to the stage on the left of it if you were looking at it. She seemed to be someone I know. I sure wish she would contact me or anyone who new who saw sitting at that table that could let me know the names and addresses of those persons it would help settle a lot of questions for me.
Thanks again, Hue (David)

School Story:

I was just looking around seeing as it's been a while since I could log on to the site. I changed ISP and got a new email address so when I posted the new one I changed my password also. Did not like the new ISP so I want back to the old one, but had forgotten what I had changed this site's password to. Thought I'd never get back on, just have no idea where my memory has gotten to. I missed a lot of thing lately, but the thing I miss most is my mind.
Now where was I at, O'yea, I noticed that there is a shortage of pictures of my classmates on the profiles. That leads me to think that they've either gotten ugly or don't know how to post one. I can't believe the ugly part is the problem. Most already looked like an ugly tree had fell on them, that is if my memory is still good. Seems like I just said something about that, just remember what it was.
I know this is not a school story, just a thought that some of us do not live in or around Winter Garden and so have not gotten to see most of you in years. Post some pictures so that we don't get a heart attack when we see you for the first time after 45 years.

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The old people really get me down so I thought I'd show some pictures of me when I was not so old.
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